4 Best Alternatives to Netflix

Alternatives To Netflix


Currently, Netflix takes too much crap, but that is expected, especially if you are a huge brand name, which is almost synonymous with streaming entertainment. The reputation of the company was created on being the very best-DVD-rental-by-mail service.

Today, Netflix is the most famous in streaming quality media from Hollywood, be it TV shows or movies.

Apparently, Netflix takes its hits due to streaming content it provides is notoriously mediocre. It is somehow not the best as its selection of Blu-ray or DVDs discs and it is often vary at the whims of Hollywood.

Perhaps, you are disappointed by the changes or frequent Netflix outages. May be you do not like the idea of Netflix getting Facebook sharing.

Possibly, you do not want to pay the most reasonable price of $7.99 every month to watch a huge selection of programming on just about any digital (modernized) device you own without any commercial interruption.

Here is a list of top four TV and movie streaming services you can use instead:

amazon prime

  1. Amazon Prime

Sincerely, Amazon Prime has actually stepped up their game in 2015. Now, it is regarded as the major rival alternative to Netflix in UK. It has gained popularity due to securing blockbuster series like Walking Dead.

Also, another key factor is the creation of Amazon Exclusive Content like signing up Jeremy Clarkson and his team known for a Top Gear spin off series.

Providing their subscriber exclusive discounts to the Amazon Prime Day and Amazon Online Store has also proven to be key factors for their success.

Amazon Prime Price: £ 79 annually for the full Amazon Prime that includes the limitless video streaming, discounts and other extra benefits on Amazons services like free delivery and free cloud storage for photos.

  1. Hulu Plus

Hulu plus is the premium version of Hulu and helps to bring the Viewing experience of Hulu to any device.hulu plus

Instead of just watching best shows on your laptop, you can just watch them on any device when you register for Hulu Plus.

This is the greatest service for anyone who needs to follow up their favorite TV shows from FOX, ABC and other networks.

Hulu plus price: One of the best things about this service is that, it only costs six bucks per month. This is cheaper compared to their major competitor, Netflix. In addition, you can get a free trial for one week.

  1. iTunes

The digital service content of Apple is built from the ground to operate well on Apple hardware. Therefore, outside that ecosystem, you are not going to get excellent use of the platform.

In case you use Apple TV, an iPad, or MacBook, there is a good opportunity you have used iTunes for some operation.

The video management system in iTunes is specifically good at letting you grab quickly TV shows and movies, which you have purchased for offline use.

In addition, you can easily stream across a WIFI network using AirPlay, but you are not going to get an all-you-can-watch system.

Showbox App

  1. ShowBox

The ShowBox is a free TV shows and Movies streaming app for the Android, specifically tune for android operating system.

If you have an android enable system, then ShowBox App can be downloaded and used to serve your entertainment needs.

This is an application, which offers streaming capabilities for TV shows and Movies at no cost. Considered as one of the greatest applications in the Android platform, it will let the users to watch movies in high definition free of charge.

ShowBox is not available in the Google Play, but it can be downloaded from an external source to the device. Here is the link: ShowBox.